When the teacher gets taught…

Tears and yelling and crying and anger and disrespect and disappointment…and God.

It was just one of those days with a normal 6 year old when everything becomes a fight. I tell her to go potty after she gets up and she throws a fit because she doesn’t want to. I ask her what she wants for breakfast and when I tell her I can’t make the 5 star buffet she requests she throws a fit. When I tell her to get dressed so we can get to our morning bible study with my dear friend, she screams at me because her jammies are comfy. Regular clothes won’t be comfortable! But when she spots the big fluffy Easter dress in the back of the closet and insists on wearing it (its December) she says it’s the end of the world when I tell her no. In the 2 hours we had been up there had been a half dozen or so fights and she got grounded.

In the car I took advantage of her quiet pouty time to reflect on the morning. I realized I should have seen it coming really…I had had a great quiet time with Jesus before my daughter woke up and I was headed out to fellowship with my good friend. Going to talk more about God and motherhood and how we can be the best US that we know how. Of course the enemy would use my sweet baby against me when I try to get closer to God. So having recognized that snake for what he is, I start loudly rebuking the spirit of anger and hostility and resentment and disobedience and entitlement that had taken up residence in our home. I got some strange looks and a few giggles from the back seat but I didn’t care. I won’t let the enemy steal my only chance at raising my girl and let him ruin her childhood memories.

As we sat in silence after all that, God asked me a question. He asked “what’s most important in life?” In my spirit I answered “loving you and your people. Feeding your sheep. Being kind. Allowing You to reflect through me to others. Being a Christ-like example to my daughter.” And then He asked “is what happened this morning an important thing or a distraction from the important things?” I had to stop and think about that because yes it’s important to teach my child not to be disrespectful or think she’s so important that rules don’t apply to her. But it’s not important to get so angry about it or to hold onto that anger, which is what I realized then that I was doing.

After I let go of the negative feelings I had brought with me in the car I asked my daughter the questions that God asked me. She came to the same (albeit more childlike) conclusions I had. If the enemy can turn us against each other we will be too distracted and broken to do him any harm. We need to always be a united front against what’s bad and not let the distractions splinter our foundation.

It’s easy to lose your focus when you’re tired or worn out, so you may not notice what’s happening right away. But all of a sudden there’s an undercurrent of anger or discord in your family and it’s every person for his/her self! When this happens you have to stop what you are doing and realize it’s not the people you should be mad at. It’s the enemy! Even if you don’t feel like it, apologize and come together as the family God designed for you. In our house now, when we get wrapped up in ourselves or start fighting we stop and remind each other not to be distracted. We might talk about the fruits of the spirit and when we realize we aren’t producing anything at all, we change our tune.

I challenge you today to start looking for ways you can unite your family and dispel the discord from your home. Find things to be thankful for daily. Compliment everyone you see with a genuine compliment (starting at home). Find out your family’s love languages and show them love in those specific ways. Not only will your family be stronger and healthier, but your spirit will feel more at peace. And isn’t that what Jesus came to bring us? #livelifecourageous

““I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”- ‭‭John‬ ‭14:27‬ ‭NLT‬‬


Until the new year…Merry Christmas!!


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