How sound is the advice to follow your heart?

When you log onto social media these days, you are most likely bombarded with sales and deals and pitches from countless multilevel marketing companies.  Weight loss products, clothing, jewelry, nail stuff, and oils are everywhere! Maybe you’ve been thinking about joining one of these companies too…but which should you choose? The most important advice anyone can give you is…don’t follow your heart.

Back in the early 90s I went with my mom to many Tupperware parties. She bought Mary Kay make up and skincare too. Multilevel marketing companies have been around for a very long time but in the last 10 years  people realized something…I don’t have to pay to advertise my business because I can tell my friends about my products on social media! This is a very smart idea, in theory. With easy access to everyone comes the inevitable word vomit. People are throwing up their business all over everyone who befriends them or follows them, leading to being unfriended or unfollowed, and no one buying what you’re selling.

The one advantage to sitting in the sidelines among all these “mompreneurs” is that you can see people and companies for who they really are. Real people are making real money with these companies, often 6 figures a month. But can they sustain it? Some do. How can that be though? You thought these things were a scam. Well now you are considering joining a company yourself to earn some money…but who do you join? That question is as individual as your fingerprints.

Before people jump into a business, you may ask yourself what your heart says. Which thing would I just loooove to sell? The heart is such a fickle thing though! One minute it likes one thing, then the next minute it likes a different thing. If you follow this advice you will be jumping from company to company, never making any money and looking like a fool to everyone around you. Instead you should be praying about your decision.

It may seem like a silly thing to pray about but God knows what’s going to work and what won’t. If you pray and listen with your heart He will give you a peace to help you know what decision to make. This also applies  to people who are hearing from God to move on from their current company. Maybe you didn’t ask God if the company you joined was where you needed to be and it’s not working out. Ask Him where you belong and act in obedience when He answers. It may be hard and even hurt, but in the end you will prosper beyond what you can imagine when you do things God’s way.

I just wanted to offer you some encouragement today. There are times when we learn all we can learn from our current company and God takes our passion about that company away so it’s easier to move onto the next thing He has for us. That’s ok! I’ve been in network marketing (mlm business) for 6 years and in that time I’ve been associated with 3 companies. I did everything I could to learn and grow my personal development in each one. I’ll just warn you: not everyone is going to understand your journey but that’s ok. This journey is yours and not theirs. Once you find your tribe, love them hard. Those are your people.



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