Blooming where you are planted

How many times have we wondered why we ended up in a dark hole, thinking about the choices we made to put us there? Wondering how long we have to stay in the dark before we can see the sun again…recently someone told me something that changed my thinking regarding this. They said “Maybe you aren’t buried, maybe you have been planted. All you have to do is grow so you can bloom.”

Once I heard those words I felt like my mind was blown. All the dark times suddenly made sense! Those times made me into the person I am today because I had to grow. When I was younger I didn’t call it personal growth and development, I honestly didn’t know it even had a name. But I was learning from my mistakes and the circumstances around me. Watching people and taking notes. Reading books and taking more notes. I changed my circle of friends and went from being the person everyone asked for advice from, to the person in the group asking all the questions.

What does your circle of friends look like? Are they influencers? Movers and shakers? Or do they complain about everyone and everything? Are they lazy, constantly trying to get out of an honest days work? If you are the smartest person in your group, you need a new group. You should always be growing and changing. Look at a flower for example! A mature flower that fills the garden with its heavenly scent looks very different than the seed from which it grew. Someone took that seed and shoved it underground and covered it up. It stayed in the dark waiting for heat and rain so it could pop open and push its way to the sun.

This is what we have to do as well!! Push and work and get rained on and fired up. Only then will we emerge to see the sun. Even then, when we think we’ve made it, we still have to endure wind and rain and maybe even hail in order to serve our purpose…but that’s ok. The things we might at first see as troubles are just helping us grow.

If you have a good circle of friends who are pouring into you, speaking life over you, and encouraging you to do your very best, you can survive even the most wicked hail storm and continue to bloom where you are planted.


Love and blessings,


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