The Beginning

When I was thinking about my brand while I was creating it, I was more focused on how I was going to make people feel rather than making sure people remembered my name. We live in such a negative world and it seems like women are at the forefront of the attacks from the enemy. We have allowed him to cause strife among us so I’m using my products to help women remember that we are made to be courageous and bold.

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for helping people so when I saw that there was a need in the business community for products that were uplifting to women, my brain started going into overdrive. I started thinking of things I would want to buy that could help me not be afraid to step outside my comfort zone and take risks, thus my products were born. My wish is for everyone who buys something from Courageous and Wonderfully Made to look at their item with hope and encouragement. To not be afraid to go out in life and take that risk to live life bravely!!

Who Am I

My name is Elizabeth and I’m a wife, mother, and Christian. I run Courageous and Wonderfully Made as well as homeschool my daughter and serve in my church. I enjoy gardening, reading, writing, and business. My passion is speaking life into others and my top love languages are words of affirmation/gifts.


Elizabeth Winter


Next Steps…

Are you ready to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Don’t wait another minute! Go see if there is something to remind you of how courageous you were made to be.

Be Bold!