Lean not on your own understanding…

Have you ever been preparing for something big and think “What did I get myself into?”…yeah me too.

So many times God will put things on our hearts that He wants us to do and it seems so simple. In our brains we can see that this thing won’t take much time or extra effort. We may be already doing something similar so it seems only logical to add this other thing to our plate. Then when you start to get ready, preparing for the big moment, we realize that there are a LOT of details hidden in the simplicity that we missed when we first agreed to do it. Maybe the level of responsibility or leadership required is more than you thought. But you really feel like God wants you do step outside your comfort zone in this instance, so what do you do? Do you back out of your commitment or push forward?

God often calls us to do things outside of our wheel-house so we can grow in faith and in leadership. The thing you have had put on your heart probably isn’t about you is it? If not, then you can’t rely on yourself to complete the task! You have to rely on God to give you the ability or you will feel very inadequate. I speak from experience here as we embark on my daughter’s 1st grade homeschool year. We are using a different curriculum (classical conversations) and I’m tutoring her class once a week when we get together as a community. I have some amazing women walking this journey along side me but because I’ve never tutored before I feel very inadequate. I’ve prepared the best I can but at the end of the day God is going to need to step in and give me what I lack. Once this school year is over, my leadership abilities will have grown greatly and I can honestly say it won’t be my doing. God is using me to do something and I’m just along for the ride!

So take a deep breath and speak life over your situation. Whatever you are stepping out of your comfort zone to do, God will give you what you lack. He wouldn’t call you do to something just to leave you hanging. He loves you and wants to help you become a better YOU. Just enjoy the ride!



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